Sunday, July 15, 2012 Bot 2012 Bot 2012 (Mediafire Link) 100% Working No Fake


1.First download bot 2012 it with winrar 
3.Now open proxies.txt file copy all proxies press ctrl+a to select all copy all proxies
4.Now go to settings in bot go to proxies remove the old proxies and paste the new proxies
5.Click Save In All 3 Boxes and close
6.Now paste your link in all 5 boxes
7.You must tick Use Proxies in options
8.Okay fine now click start and then click tray u will get an error like this error in .InetCpl.cpl
missing entry;clearmytracksbyprocess just ignore this error and click ok 
9.Wait 20 or 30 minutes bot is add views in your account after 30 minutes check your account. moneys are must added

Mediafire  pass: downloadgames-software


  1. helo, nice how much did you earn? btw I also earn money by this SYSTEM

    1. I am not using..This Software... But people says It is best and short way to earn from :) So Enjoy...

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